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I’ve started a coding livestream II: What



Part II: What? of III (Why?, What?, When?) series — Come and say Hi! 👋 twitch.tv/joaquimley

Part II: What?

Following up on the first article, this long overdue part II will expand more on what I intend to live stream.

At the time of this writing, I still haven’t explored (at all) some interesting technologies I wish I had. As an Android developer, I get to work with an ever-evolving platform. This is both a blessing and a curse, for one, it never gets too stale, there’s always something new to learn, tinker with and improve. On the other hand, sometimes feels a little bit too demanding not leaving much time to explore other things. I’m not saying(or think) this is a reality only on Android, I can imagine in general that’s how software is, new frameworks, languages, paradigms. It’s the nature of this industry, for better or worse.


With that in mind, having a fixed schedule (more on this in Part III), the stream will serve as a vehicle to continue working and actually finishing these side projects and making time for the things I want to explore.

Although I’ve focused entirely to the Android platform, I definitely want to dive into web and integrate most of the projects with ML/AI, might not be 100% of the side projects, but rather when it makes sense. I want to experiment into training models with useful data I might be able to gather in the user’s patterns.


  • Android
  • Flutter
  • Vue
  • AI/ML
  • IoT/Raspberry Pi (Android things)

Planned projects

This information might be outdated since the stream is subject to change, I might find it more interesting to focus on a completely different topic/direction.

The project I’m working on and expecting to release version 1.0 fairly soon

Transport ETA

Santiago Gomez

I’ve written about this project in another article and decided to refactor (re-write from scratch really) to demo and gain some more experience working on a “complex” architecture (CLEAN), I try to apply some SOLID recommended practices such as isolation of concerns, single responsibility etc., although it might feel more complex, it really helps keep your code more focused and all this in TDD. For me personally, this is great since my UI testing is fairly outdated.

The hybrid solution from Google


Super interested in the new framework for hybrid apps. I’ve been seeing the interest in the community (specially in the Android world). I’m aware of some of its limitations, but also its strengths. For simple apps or prototypes this seems to be the way to go, never really got into React or Xamarin, but Flutter seems quite promising, I expect to build some sample projects, and integrate with others 👇.

Next up is a software product for photographers, where you can manage your photos, clients and payments.

Photographers project (name pending)


The idea is to solve some issues my gf is having, after searching the interwebz I couldn’t really find a product that would work, I also wanted to try out some cool stuff in the web development world, and with this one I want to try out Vue.js (and learn Typescript), initially Firebase powered, but this is also subject to change.

I haven’t touched any of this newer frontend world so this is the purrfect 🐱project for that. In the future I intent to use Flutter to prototype the Mobile apps.

What is this deep learning AI stuff everyone is talking about?

Elements of AI

As I mentioned before I’m really interested in this world of AI/Deep learning etc., I’ve taken a couple of simple AI/ML courses online but nothing too deep or practical, as I’ve enrolled on another very interesting one (the last I will take before really starting getting practical), since I haven’t really had the time to start tinkering with AI, so it is a way for me to squeeze 10~30 minutes here and there, this is not the most efficient way to learn since I always prefer to be hands-on, but I might stream whenever I’m studying.

I recommend you taking the same FREE course if you have any interest in the subject: https://www.elementsofai.com/

I expect to have specific project(s) where the focus is 100% on AI/ML, such as training some models to figure out some optimal crop to plant on a specific place/land and other random fun projects.

Diving into IoT…

Soil analyser

Joshua Lanzarini

Growing up on a country side house, I’ve had the privilege of learning and having my own little farm(s), I would like to build my own “smart-farm” system, and play with hardware is always more entertaining anyway. This one is more on the backlog and I still need to research a bit on what some maker communities already built.

This is one of limitless things we can do with small computers.

Moar blog posts

In the midst of all this, I’ll write some small articles whenever there were some learnings worth documenting. Even if these are 3 minute reads, I can keep on documenting these journey(s).

As the stream motivates me to keep on developing and finishing the projects, this will also motivate me to write more, even this one is way too late, this accountability has been working me.

Update on the stream status

On the Part I of the series blog post there were 39 awesome followers. With some more live episodes under the belt, the stream now has 82 followers and I’ve just recently received the Twitch Affiliate status 🎉. The viewership is still quite volatile, sometimes there are 20~30 viewers, other days 6. Still not a lot of activity on the chat, but it has been improving, slowly but surely. I’m also learning all this and of course there’s a lot to improve upon too :).

See you soon!


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